IAPs in the Amazon Appstore generate twice as much money as paid apps

According to Amazon, the revenue from IAP (In-App Purchases) in its Amazon Appstore is more than twice the average earnings from premium applications.

Recall that Amazon introduced support for micropayments relatively recently – this is in the spring. So, if you believe the statements of the company, which, to be honest, is not distinguished by a special love for accurate figures and, in general, transparency, in just four months since the introduction of the IAP, it has achieved excellent results.

However, here’s another point. Speaking of IAP, Amazon allows some scope for imagination. It is not entirely clear whether she is referring to the fact that the revenue of the entire market from IAP is greater than from paid applications, or that applications that have already switched to IAP in the market earn twice as much as regular paid applications.   

The company announced this information on the eve of the event, at which, as many analysts are sure, the new Kindle Fire will be announced. In other words, the company is doing its best to attract attention, create information noise, and intrigue. The apogee of this information “attack” will just be the announcement of the Kindle Fire. 

Amazon launched the app store at the same time as the first Kindle Fire went on sale in November 2011. Since then, the number of applications in it has tripled, and the number of developers has doubled (the exact figures, as always, can only be guessed when it comes to Amazon). However, many developers claim that applications are monetized better here than, say, in Google Play or even the Apple App Store. So, for example, the creators of Tiny Village from TinyCo believe. 

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