Facebook now has an App Center

Facebook has a service called App Center, which is designed to improve the search for applications by sorting them by categories and ratings. 

The format of the App Center resembles a regular mobile market with a showcase, a top, application pages, on each of which the user can see a detailed description of the program, its rating, screenshots, on which platforms it is available, as well as which of his friends already uses it.

Currently, about 600 titles are available in the application catalog. Among them: Nike+ GPS, Ubisoft Ghost Recon Commander, Stitcher Radio, Draw Something, Pinterest and many, many others. The App Center service can be used both from a PC and from mobile devices running iOS or Android. 

Announcing the service, Facebook representatives also shared interesting mobile statistics for May:

– users clicked through Facebook links to the Apple App Store about 83 million times.

– users have clicked on the pages of specific iOS applications 134 million times (here we are talking about those who already had a specific application and who logged in to it from Facebook)

– Seven out of ten top-grossing iOS apps and seven out of ten top Android apps were integrated with Facebook 

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