Why does Google Play make less money than the App Store?

Analysts from Distimo shared interesting data revealing why Android is not such a profitable platform for developers as iOS. 

In many ways, this is a continuation of the previous news

So, last February, Distimo conducted another study. During it, she studied 200 cash applications in three markets: iPad App Store, iPhone App Store and Google Play. The results of the study are as follows: 74% of the most profitable applications on the iPad and 80% on the iPhone use micropayments. The penetration rate of such applications in the top of the highest–grossing Google Play programs is much lower – only 56%.

It also turned out that only 2% of all apps on Google Play use this type of monetization. For comparison, 10% of iPad and 6% of iPhone apps are monetized in a similar way. 

Based on these data, the authors of Inside Mobile Apps draw two conclusions.

First: the growing opinion that the iPad is currently the most profitable platform has every reason to be. Backstage talk that iPad apps bring in more money than iPhone apps is far from an empty phrase. Especially if you remember how a month ago Suleman Ali, one of the founders of TinyCo, said that the average income his company receives from an iPad user (ARPU) is two to three times (!) more than on an iPhone. 

Second: the reason why Google Play is considered less profitable compared to iOS lies in the developers themselves, who almost do not use micropayments in their own products. 

A source: http://www.insidemobileapps.com

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