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By September 12, 2011, 463,272 apps from 105,489 developers/publishers were available for download in the App Store. Read on about how many games appear every day, how much you have to wait for an appruva on average, and what it costs.

Over the past month, 1,164 games have appeared in the App Store (on average, 97 per day), while the most “productive” days of the week for releases are Thursday and Friday. For example, the US App Store releases 150 to 250 games on Thursdays.

“Games” is the most popular category. It now has almost 76 thousand active applications. Next come “Books” with 58 thousand, then Entertainment – 49 thousand, Education – 42.5 thousand and Lifestyle – 35.5 thousand applications.

In August 2011, the maximum waiting time for approval was 37 days; on average, this process takes 7, 42 days.

As before, most of the apps in the App Store are distributed using the freemium model (you can download it for free, but you have to pay for additional content). The prices of paid applications are distributed as follows:

Стоимость приложений в App Store 12.09.2011

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