Steam Sales Chart: the most earning game of the week was Monster Hunter: Rise

We study in detail the Steam sales chart for the 26th week of the year.

Top of the highest-grossing products on Steam for the period from June 27 to July 3#1 — Steam Deck

For the fifth week in a row (yes, we believe)
Steam Deck tops the top of the highest-grossing products of the platform. Which, in principle, is not surprising, given its cost (the top is formed based on the money spent on the product, and not from the number of copies sold).

#2, #3 and #7 — Monster Hunter: Rise

After all, Monster Hunter: Rise is a unique case.

For understanding:

  • The game is a port from the Nintendo Switch, which was released on Steam a year after the original release;
  • in January-February, the game became a hit on Steam (not as crazy as on Switch in Japan, but the project sold a million copies: before the release of the PC version, Capcome talked about 8 million copies sold, and after — about 9 million);
  • six months later, the project has been on the Steam chart for three weeks in a row. All thanks to discounts and hype around a new addition called Sunrise;
  • online Monster Hunter: Rise against the background of sales and the release of the add-on reaches a peak of 227 thousand people on Steam;
  • this week, the project has three positions in the top.

Monster Hunter: Rise#4 — Raft

For the second week in a row, survival Raft holds the 4th place in sales. Given the growth of online and the off-scale rating (92% approval on Steam), most likely we will see it on the chart in a week.

Dynamics of Online Raft#5 — DNF Duel

Another case.

DNF Duel is a fighting game created based on one of the highest—grossing and successful Asian gaming IP — Dungeon Fighter.

For reference: by December, PC sales of the Dungeon Fighter Online MMO project reached $18 billion, and the number of registrations was 850 million, most of which most likely accounted for South Korea and China.

Given such a large audience, it is not surprising that a premium game in the same universe, after the start of sales on June 28, made its way into the box office top 10.

DNF Duel#6 and #10 — F1® 22

On July 1, the release of the
Formula 1 racing simulator from
Codemasters and Electronic Arts took place. The project was met coldly — only 61% of players positively assessed the novelty. However, this did not have time to affect the initial sales. The project has achieved two positions in the box office chart in the first three days since its release.

F1® 22#8 — Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Interest in
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands from the Steam gaming community has dropped significantly over the week. The project has moved from the third place in sales to the eighth. In terms of ratings and online, the game is also so—so – only 75% of positive reviews and 15 thousand people, respectively.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands#9 — Rust

The final hero of our review is
Rust. He still manages to maintain a good level of sales (especially for the 2018 game), and online, despite its recent decline, and, as a result, to be on the chart for the second week in a row. However, it is clear that as soon as a 50% discount is withdrawn from him, he will immediately fall out of the top.


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