Steam sales chart: the first place is still for Steam Deck, the second went to Raft

The SteamDB service shared data on which projects earned the most in the Valve store for the 27th week of the year. Let’s see who got into the fresh chart.

Top of the highest-grossing products on Steam for the period from July 4 to July 10#1 — Steam Deck

The portable PC
Steam Deck continued to sell well. It topped the Steam sales chart for the sixth time in a row.

#2 — Raft

Among the games, the main bestseller was survival Raft, which rose from fourth place to second in a week. Recall that he left early access on June 20, after which he immediately got into the rating. The game was on the fourth line for two weeks in a row.

It should be noted that Raft reached its peak in the number of simultaneous players (101 thousand people) on June 26. Since that day, his online reached a maximum of 81 thousand people, and the average figure was kept at the level of 60-70 thousand people.

Raft#3, #6 and #7 — Monster Hunter: Rise

Sunbreak add-on for Monster Hunter: Rise is in significant demand on Steam, and the game itself demonstrates strong sales. As a result of last week, they again grabbed three lines in the chart at once, although they slightly weakened their positions (the previous time the game, along with the addition, took second, third and seventh places).

A few days ago, Capcom said that more than 10 million people have purchased Monster Hunter: Rise for all time, and the circulation of the Sunbreak add-on exceeded 2 million copies in five days from release.

Monster Hunter: Rise#4 — F1® 22

F1® 22, which occupied the sixth and tenth places a week earlier, climbed to the fourth place in the chart. The racing simulator still has “mixed” ratings – only 65% of the players liked it. As for the daily online, at the time of writing the news, it was 18.59 thousand people. This is 6.6 thousand less than it was at the peak.

F1® 22#5 — Ready or Not

Thanks to the 10% discount that was valid on Steam until June 7, the
Ready or Not tactical shooter returned to the rating. In addition, a week earlier, the title received a large-scale update, which, among other things, added new maps to the game.

Ready or Not#8 — Rust

Rust not only did not disappear from the chart, but also rose in it. If the previous time the survival took the ninth place, now the eighth. Nevertheless, a 50% discount has ceased to apply to the game, so whether Rust will remain in the top at the end of the new week is a big question.

Rust#9 — It Takes Two

The cooperative hit of
Josef Fares was able to enter the Steam sales chart, probably against the background of the recent sale. Earlier, developers from Hazelight Studios announced that since March 2021, It Takes Two has sold over 7 million copies.

It Takes Two#10 — Red Dead Redemption 2

The sale helped to return to the top 10 and
Red Dead Redemption 2, which closed the current rating.

Red Dead Redemption 2

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