Steam Sales Chart: Stray pre-order came in third place, Elden Ring returned to fourth

New Week — new Steam sales chart. Let’s see which games earned the most in the Valve store in the period from July 11 to 17.

Top highest-grossing products on Steam for the 28th week of the year#1 — Steam Deck

The first line has not changed in the chart for a long time. As in the previous seven weeks, it went to the portable PC
Steam Deck.

#2 — Raft

Survival Raft also retained its position in the ranking, taking second place for the second time in a row. However, during the week, the game’s maximum daily online sank a little — it was kept at the level of 46-53 thousand people, although a week earlier, 58-68 thousand people played Raft every day at the peak at the same time.

Raft#3 — Stray

A pre—order of
Stray – a cat cyberpunk, whose release is scheduled for tomorrow, July 19, broke into the third line. Recall that in early July, Stray became the most “desired” game on Steam, surpassing the number of vishlist The Day Before and Hollow Knight: Silksong.

Stray#4 — Elden Ring

After three weeks of absence,
Elden Ring returned to the rating.

It should be noted that last Friday, NPD Group analysts included Elden Ring in the top ten most earning games in the United States in history, but soon hurried to abandon the statement. They reported that they were based on incomplete data.

Elden Ring#5 — Ready or Not

Ready or Not tactical shooter is not going to disappear from the bestseller list yet. As in the previous week, he took fifth place in the ranking.

Ready or Not#6 — F1® 22

At the same time, the racing simulator from
Codemasters and Electronic Arts began to lose ground. He dropped two lines, placing this time in sixth place. In addition, F1® 22 failed to win the sympathy of the players. The project was positively evaluated by only 66% of users, and its peak online decreased from 25.1 thousand to 13.4 thousand people.

F1® 22#8 and #9 — Monster Hunter: Rise

Monster Hunter: Rise game, along with the recently released add-on for it called Sunrise, also moved closer to the end of the list. However, both titles stayed on the chart for five weeks, which is quite a lot. Whether they will be able to get to the top next time is questionable.

Monster Hunter: Rise#10 — CS:GO

The Steam chart closes with an update to the prime status in CS:GO.


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