Steam Sales chart: the most successful games of the week were Stray and the remaster of Spider-Man

Let’s figure out which projects earned the most on Steam in the 29th week of the year.

Top of the highest-grossing products on Steam for the period from July 18 to 24#1 — Steam Deck

The portable PC from
Valve has not left the first place in the Steam chart for eight weeks in a row, and it has been in the top 3 for 20 weeks. Apparently, he is unlikely to give up his position to other projects in the near future.

#2 — Stray

Among the games, the main bestseller of the week was Stray, released on July 19. The adventure of the cat in the cyberpunk city was warmly welcomed — 97% of gamers positively assessed the novelty on Steam, and on Metacritic the user rating of the PC version of the title was 9 points out of 10. As a result, Stray turned out to be the most highly rated release of the year in the Valve store, beating God of War.

In addition, Stray immediately received the title of the most popular Annapurna Interactive game on Steam. On the day of release, 62,963 people played it at the same time, which is almost eight times more than it was at the peak in Twelve Minutes, the publisher’s next online game. At the time of writing the news, the daily online in Stray has decreased to 38,140 people.

Stray#3 — Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered

In the middle of last week,
Sony and Insomniac opened a pre-order for the remaster of Spider-Man, which is scheduled for release on August 12. This allowed Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered to take third place on the Steam chart.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered#4 — Raft

Survival Raft, which had previously managed to take second place twice in a row, dropped to fourth place in the ranking.

Raft#5 — Dinkum

The fifth place went to
Dinkum, a farmer simulator released in early access format on July 14. In it, the user needs to equip his own town on a small island, explore the area and fight off wild animals.

Dinkum#6 — No Man’s Sky

Thanks to a 50% discount and the release of a fresh patch,
No Man’s Sky has returned to the Steam chart. Also last week, the game has seriously grown online. If on Sunday, July 17, a maximum of 11,670 people played in No Man’s Sky at the same time, then yesterday the online project jumped to 39,322 people. Views on Twitch have also increased significantly — up to 52 thousand viewers.

No Man’s Sky#8 — Elden Ring

FromSoftware project has moved closer to the end of the rating. In a week, he fell from the fourth line to the eighth.

Elden Ring#9 — MultiVersus Founder’s Pack

Another novelty in the top is the Multiverse free-play fighting
game. More precisely, the standard set of the founder, which provides access to the beta of the game. The open beta test of MultiVersus will begin on July 26, and a full release should take place before the end of the year.

Note that the game already demonstrates a good online — at its peak, 62,433 people played it at the same time. Most likely, after the start of the open beta, this figure will become much larger.

MultiVersus#10 — Ready or Not

The tactical shooter
Ready or Not dropped to the last line of the rating. Earlier, he held the fifth place for two weeks in a row.

Ready or Not

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