Two more Russian projects immediately got into the popular Steam novelties — Cartel Tycoon and Blood and Zombies

On Wednesday, the “Popular Novelties” section of Steam was headed by two projects created by domestic teams. We are talking about the Cartel Tycoon strategy, developed by the St. Petersburg Moon Moose, and about the first-person shooter Blood and Zombies, created by the distributed Wild Monkey team (some of its employees are from Naberezhnye Chelny). We briefly talk about the projects.

At the time of publication of the material, both games were in the top 2 popular new products on SteamCartel Tycoon

An economic strategy in which the player assumes the role of a drug lord in a fictional Latin America of the 80s.

The tasks include: establishing the production and sale of narcotic drugs, money laundering, bribing politicians. Among the key features is the possibility of building a criminal dynasty (after the death of the leader, the transfer of business passes to one of the lieutenants in the spirit of the Old World).

Cartel Tycoon

The development of the project started in 2019 by natives of Nival and Octobox Interactive.

The game got into early access in March 2021. The full release took place only on July 26, 2022. The project has very positive reviews on Steam (80%). Online games are now held at the level of thousands of people.

Blood and Zombies
Cooperative budget shooter about destroying waves of zombies.

At the beginning of the session, the player or players are thrown onto one of the four cards. The goal is to survive as long as possible. For the extermination of monsters, money is given that can be spent on weapons or on the construction of obstacles and security turrets.

Blood and Zombies
The project was released at the beginning of the year as a PC exclusive on the Epic Game Store.

It is unknown what box office results he achieved there. As for the release on Steam, so far the game has mostly positive ratings (79%). However, its audience is very small, which may be critical for a project with a focus on the cooperative.


Last week, two Russian projects also got to the top of the top of popular new products at once: Necrosmith from Novosibirsk Alawar and Stones Keeper: King Aurelius from Moscow SK Team and Valkyrie Initiative. By the way, Necrosmith is still in it.

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