Steam Sales Chart: Winter sale helped Elden Ring return to second place

We are studying the Steam sales chart for the penultimate, 51st week of 2022.

Top of the highest-grossing products on Steam for the period from December 19 to December 25#1

The main box office leader of the Steam sales chart has become a standard portable PC Steam Deck.


The list of bestsellers of the week this time consists of half of the games that returned to the top 10 thanks to the winter sale. One of these games was Elden Ring, which is now being given away with a 30% discount.

The FromSoftware hit has not climbed so high on the chart since last spring — the last time it was in second place back in May. Against the background of the sale, Elden Ring has also grown daily online to 64 thousand people (the last three months of the online project has been kept on average at the level of 20-30 thousand people).

Elden Ring#3 and 7

The standard edition of
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II took the third place in the Steam sales chart for the fourth time in a row. This was partly facilitated by the discount — it is now being sold 15% cheaper than usual.

A 20% discount helped the Vault Edition to rise from tenth to seventh place in a week.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II#4

The comedy shooter High On Life, which was leading among the games the previous time, is still selling well. Although Elden Ring ousted the title from the second place, High On Life was able to stay in the top five best-selling projects of the week.

High On Life#5

God of War has strengthened its position in the chart. He moved from sixth place to fifth. In this case, the project was most likely helped by a 40% discount.

God of War#6

But EA SPORTS FIFA 23, on the contrary, dropped two lines in a week, despite the fact that it is sold immediately 60% cheaper than usual. Probably, the excitement around the football simulator has subsided after the World Cup final.


Cyberpunk 2077 is another game that was not on the Steam chart the previous week and which returned to it as part of the winter sale. Note that the brainchild of CD PROJEKT RED quite often practices this. The last time the discount brought him to the chart was just three weeks ago.

Cyberpunk 2077#9

The ninth place went to Red Dead Redemption 2. A week earlier, the game was on the seventh line.

Red Dead Redemption 2#10

He closed the top ten bestsellers of the week Ready or Not, which, like many other projects, ended up on the chart thanks to the sale. Interest in the shooter could also be fueled by the recent celebration of the anniversary of the release of the game in early access. In honor of her, the developers gave the keys to the standard edition of the shooter to newcomers to Discord for free. However, only 24 people could get the keys.

Ready or Not

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