"Fighting bears" celebrated the 20-millionth download

SkyVu Entertainment celebrated the 20-millionth download of its Battle Bears game by installing large billboards in San Francisco and releasing Battle Bears Royal on Android.

The franchise was launched in 2009. From the very beginning, the company set a course to create games with memorable animated characters. The founder and boss of the company, Ben Vu, wanted to create a bright brand, colorful characters who would attract a wide audience to the project. Cute foul-mouthed bears, as it seemed to Wu, were just what was needed. That’s just the genre SkyVu chose is not quite the one. A third-person shooter is not the best type of game for mobile platforms.

However, this did not prevent the company from selling 20 million digital copies of Battle Bears. The early launch of the project on mobile platforms and the media activity of Wu played a role here. 

Yes, last year it was decided to switch the game from paid to free-to-play mode. According to Venturebeat, this change has significantly increased revenues. In addition, SkyVu itself assures that Battle Bear’s ARPU score is three times higher than the average for iOS games.

Currently, the series includes: Battle Bears, Battle Bears Zombies and Battle Bears Royale. Battle Bears Zero is in development.

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