The shooter Goddess of Victory: Nikke is a new mobile box office hit. In two weeks, the game earned $62.1 million

On November 4, the official release of Goddess of Victory: Nikke took place on Google Play and the App Store. In the first 14 days since its launch, its revenue reached $62.1 million. At its peak, the game earns $5-6 million a day. More about it — in our material.

Game performance

Revenue and downloads of Goddess of Victory: Nikke for the first 14 days since the worldwide release (AppMagic)
The peculiarity of the indicators of the game is that:

  • she achieved such high earnings instantly (from the first day of sales she reached the level of several million dollars);
  • the game has a lot of installations, but there is no need to talk about very massive values (at the start it was downloaded up to 650 thousand times a day).

Revenue dynamics of Goddess of Victory: Nikke in the first 14 days after release (Google Play and App Store) (AppMagic)Dynamics of downloads of Goddess of Victory: Nikke in the first 14 days after release (Google Play and App Store) (AppMagic)

As a result of the first two weeks, the total installations of the game are 4.7 million.

It turns out that the ARPU of the game is $13.2. For comparison, Genshin Impact, with which we will compare the game more than once, it is higher — $ 22.7.

There is no significant preponderance of any of the platforms in terms of revenue. Goddess of Victory: Nikke earned $33.5 million on Google Play, and $28.5 million on the App Store. However, most of the installations are for Android (3.3 million).

Distribution of revenue and downloads of Goddess of Victory: Nikke in the first 14 days after the release of the game (AppMagic)
Most of the game’s revenue comes from Japan and South Korea, where the game has earned $28.6 million and $19.5 million, respectively, to date.

Another $9 million went to the US market.

The same countries account for the bulk of downloads (2.2 million in total). However, the game is also very popular in Thailand, where it has been downloaded more than 636 thousand times.

Top 10 countries by revenue and downloads Goddess of Victory: Nikke in the first 14 days after the release of the game (AppMagic)
There is no data on the release of the game in mainland China.

The game was also not released in Russia.


The game has a huge number of mechanics. However, at its core, this is a battler in which the player goes through the battle stages with a party of heroes (here they are called nikki), earns resources for them, which he pumps the heroes, the base, and also opens access to various game modes.

The key feature of the game, apart from the visual side, which we will talk about separately, is the combat core mechanics. It is designed as a positional third-person shooter. Heroes are hiding behind shelters, waves of opponents are coming at them. The player’s task is to take control of one or another hero and destroy enemies.

Gameplay Goddess of Victory: Nikke
From what may also surprise: the presence of a dating simulator (heroes with whom good relationships get buffs) and a bagel mode (the player’s party runs through a maze closed by the fog of war and collects chests).

Otherwise, at the mechanic level, everything is familiar here. There are a huge number of heroes of various rarity, there is a gacha through which the player gets heroes, there are clans, there are elements of the idle economy and so on.

The reason for success

As in the case of Genshin Impact, one of the most important elements of the popularity of Goddess of Victory are the heroes, their appearance, charisma and diversity.

Goddess of Victory is a game for a male audience. All the characters in it are extremely sexualized female anime characters. Many have hypertrophied large breasts, and there may not be a skirt at all.

Heroes of Goddess of Victory: Nikke
When attacking an opponent, the girls turn to the player in most cases in such a way that her fifth point is the focus of his attention in the first place.

And, of course, where without sexual sighs about and without.

For a game whose monetization is largely based on the discovery of new heroes, it is such characters that are able to motivate part of the male audience to additional spending.

What to expect

The game will definitely enter the top 5 highest-grossing games by the end of November. However, how long its popularity will last is an open question. Genshin Impact could and still offers, in addition to vayfu, a huge world to explore, as for Goddess of Victory, here exclusively sexualized content acts as the main USP.

Developer and Publisher

The developer of the game is the Korean studio SHIFT UP. In 2016, she released the Destiny Child battler. Then the project earned $ 44 million in the first month, and then quickly fell in sales (to the level of one or two million dollars per month).

The Korean studio is now not only engaged in the operation of Goddess of Victory, but is also preparing for the release of Stellar Blade, a single shooter for PlayStation 5. Sony is directly involved in the publication of the premium project.

As for the publisher Goddess of Victory, the company Level Infinite acts in his role. This is the publishing division of Tencent, which produces games for a global audience.

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