Epic Games has donated more to the UN in favor of refugees from Ukraine than most European countries

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has published a list of donors who donated money to the organization to support refugees from the territory of Ukraine. In the top of the main benefactors is the developer of Unreal Engine and Fortnite.

According to the published report, UNHCR received $26.5 million from the game developer and publisher.

This is slightly more than IKEA donated — $22.4 million. For comparison, Italy allocated $21.2 million to the organization, and France – $19.1 million.

Epic Games is not the only gaming company on the list. The management also received funds from Sony Corporation, Supercell, Nintendo, Capcom, CCP Games, Space Ape and Small Giant Games. In total, their donations amounted to $5.6 million.

In total, by October 25, 2022 (updated according to this date), UNHCR attracted $1.4 billion in humanitarian assistance in connection with the situation on the territory of Ukraine.

Of course, much more has been allocated to help refugees from Ukraine and from a larger number of companies. UNHCR is far from the only organization raising funds to support them.

For example, the same Epic Games reported back in April that it had allocated $144 million to charitable institutions (including, in addition to UNHCR, organizations such as Direct Relief, UNICEF and World Central Kitchen).

The situation is similar with Supercell. Specifically, the author of Clash of Clans allocated $1 million to UNHCR. However, he transferred another $2 million to three other charitable entities — the Red Cross, UNICEF and the International Medical Corps.

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