Over the past four months, Infusion Games has raised $850 thousand

The studio that worked with Green Grey announced the attraction of new investments. Infusion Games managed to “raise” a little more than $0.8 million from various sources.

What information is there on the transaction?

There is not much data. It is not reported who exactly acted as investors. There is also no information about what exactly the funds raised will be used for.

However, Infusion Games reports that it became possible to get these funds thanks to “specific and attractive metrics“.

The studio assures that during the technical softlonches, the games that it is currently developing showed themselves perfectly — Cyber Wars (on the cover of the news) and Arena Heroes.

Infusion Games did not share business indicators. I just noted that during the sotflonches, 45% of Cyber Wars players played more than three battles, and 11% of Arena Heroes users played more than 100 battles.

Has the studio raised money before?

These funds are not the first investment for the team.

A year earlier, the studio raised $2.5 million from the Green Grey holding. As reported now, $ 1.3 million went to the development of Cyber Wars, and the rest of the money was supposed to go to the initial purchase of traffic.

After the first round, Green Grey became the owner of 33% of Infusion Games. But by now the studio has bought out part of the stake, reducing the holding’s participation to 18.7%.

Is there anything else I need to know?

This summer, Forbes reported that Green Grey had terminated contracts with three external studios. One of them was just Infusion Games.

Later, in an interview with App2Top, Sergey Belyaev, CEO and co-founder of the studio, noted that the sanctions had affected the holding’s investment direction: “Its bank accounts were blocked, so it could no longer continue to fulfill its obligations.”

Infusion Games coped with the situation, although it had to postpone the start of the development of a new project and completely stop recruiting new employees for a short time.

At the moment, the studio is partially based in Turkey, helps employees with relocation, and is also looking for new investors.

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