AppMagic: the most downloaded and highest-grossing mobile games of October 2022

As a result, only last October App2Top.ru together with the AppMagic analytical service, we have prepared a report on the most popular and highest-grossing mobile games of the month (including about Gangster Crime, Save the puppy and Gas).

The most downloaded games of October

It is impossible to say that the top has changed significantly. Most of its participants are the same. However, the chart leaders have changed, and newcomers have also appeared. We’ll talk about everyone.

Chart-10 most downloaded games of October 2022Gangster Crime (publisher — Vietnamese Zego Global Publishing)

The leader in downloads both in total installations (27.1 million) and downloads from Google Play (26.7 million).

As can be seen from the figures, the platform accounted for the predominant part of the project’s audience.

Dynamics of Gangster Crime downloads on Google Play in October
The game is a budget singleplayer third—person shooter in which the player performs missions by destroying opponents on various types of equipment (there is an opportunity to fly by helicopter, among other things).

Fake Screenshot of Gangster Crime
In the promotion, developers appeal to GTA: San Andreas.

Both the game icons and fake screenshots use recognizable images of the Rockstar project. This, coupled with the ability to play offline on inexpensive smartphones, apparently allowed the game to top the top.

Top 5 regions where Gangster Crime is most popularSave the puppy: Pet dog rescue (publisher — Vietnamese Apero Game Publishing)

The project for the first time got into the top 10 world downloads and the ninth place in downloads on Google Play.

Its cumulative monthly downloads currently amount to a little more than 12 million (this is only on Android, there is no information on iOS).

Dynamics of Save the puppy downloads on Google Play in OctoberSave the puppy: Pet dog rescue is a clone of the hugely popular Save the Doge physics puzzle, in which the player must draw a shelter protecting the dog from bees.

Save the puppy
By the way, Save the Doge is also in the charts.

With 14.5 million installations completed in October, it ranks eighth in global downloads and fourth in installations with Google Play.

Comparison of the dynamics of downloads on Google Play of Save the puppy games and the original Save the Dog
The popularity of the title reaches the point that on iOS, the developers of the X-HERO battler use an icon and screenshots that resemble the Save the Doge graphics to promote their own title.

And it works! The game is in second place in the iOS chart.

X-HERO page in the App StoreGas (publisher — American Find Your Crush)

The product has collected 4.3 million installations on iOS. Thanks to this, he entered the top 3 most downloaded game programs from the App Store in October (it is not yet available on Android).

Dynamics of Gas app downloads on iOS in OctoberGas is not quite right to call a game.

It is, rather, an entertaining application aimed primarily at American schoolchildren. Some observers even call it a social network.

The essence of the application is that users should answer positive questions about their surroundings (in the spirit of “Who is the bravest in class” or “Who has the most infectious laughter”).

There are no bad questions.

羊了个羊 (publisher — Chinese Lianqi Li)

Last month, downloads from the App Store reached 3.6 million. The game took the seventh position in the iOS chart, overtaking, among other things, the Chinese version of Subway Surfers.

Dynamics of downloads on iOS in October
羊了个羊 translates from Chinese as sheep.

The project is an unusual mix of mahjong and three—in-a-row. All the mahjong dice removed from the field go into the user’s hand. They disappear from the hand only if they form a row of three bones of the same type.

羊了个羊The highest-grossing games of October

Here, not only without shocks, but also without significant changes. Some minimal rotations occur only in the lower part of the top 10. As for the leaders, they are the same.

Chart-10 highest-grossing games of October 2022Honor of Kings earned a record $194 million for itself (and, in fairness, for the market) in October.

PUBG Mobile collected $141 million over the same period. As for Genshin Impact, which closes the top three in terms of box office revenue, its monthly earnings amounted to $ 121 million.

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