Belka Games finally leaves Russia

The developer and publisher of mobile games Belka Games announced the closure of the Russian office. The company has relocated more than 200 employees from it in 7 months.

Belka Games reported this App2Top.ru .

In March 2022, our company began to gradually withdraw from Russia due to the events taking place in the region. In 7 months, we have systematically relocated the team and reduced our presence by 6 times – from 240 to 35 employees. To date, a decision has been made on the final termination of the activities of the Russian office. The company continues to operate and expand the team in Europe,” said Alexander Bogdanov, CEO of the studio.

According to the company’s website, up to now it has employed 400 people in six offices, including the head office located in Cyprus.

Earlier there were rumors that Belka Games made cuts in August. According to Belarusian media, they affected more than 50 people. The company has not officially commented on this event. There is information that the dismissals coincided with the performance review.

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