Disney is getting ready for Christmas

Yesterday, at a Walt Disney press conference held in San Francisco, the company’s mobile division announced the imminent release of three games and four large-scale updates to existing products.

Disney has recently refocused its gaming business towards mobile apps. It’s not surprising, because all of her recent major console games have shown very modest results. But mobile applications, on the contrary, enjoyed wide popularity. Only during the outgoing year, five of its products occupied the first place in the App Store tops. In November, the total DAU figure for all Disney mobile games reached a decent 6.1 million.

Monster’s Inc Run is very similar to Mega Run from Get Set GamesSo now Disney plans to stay in the mobile market “seriously and for a long time”.

However, this was clear back in the summer, when the company bought Playdom and Tapulous. Just don’t think that Disney is the new Zynga. As our colleague claims in his material on Vulture Beat Dan Takahashi, a cartoon company, tries to run the business in a “decentralized manner”, allowing creative people to do what they do best in their usual conditions. 

Anyway, the release of new and updating of old projects in the pre-holiday period is the right step for a large company. According to the head of Disney Mobile, Bart Decrem, only last year, in the period from December 20 to January 3, the number of downloads of Disney mobile games increased by 421% compared to previous weeks.

As for the new products, these are: Nemo’s Reef, Monster’s Inc Run and Where’s My Holiday.

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