Molyneux makes a new mobile game

Peter Molyneux, the creator and ideologist of such hits as Fable, Black&White, Dungeon Keeper, as well as the game Curiosity: What’s in the Cube for iOS, expected in September, shared in an interview with Polygon the ideas of his new project.

The new game will be called Cooperation, and, according to the author, will be “the largest attempt to rally the efforts of players around the world.”

Molyneux’s new project cannot be attributed to any category of games: “Cooperation is a game of a completely different plan, different from the traditional ones. Perhaps it’s not a game at all, although some might call it social.”

Such uncertainty does not prevent Peter from comparing the future title with the debut project on iOS. As he stated in an interview with Polygon, “if you think Curiosity is the biggest mystery of the digital world, then Cooperation is the largest cooperative experiment the world has ever known.” Interestingly, Molyneux was inspired to develop it by the usual children’s offline tug-of-war game.  

Recall that Curiosity: What’s in the Cube (originally the project was simply called Curiosity, but due to the successful landing of the NASA rover with the same name, the project had to be renamed) will be released at the end of September. 

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