Samsung will not break off relations with Apple

Despite the scandalous judicial history, these companies will continue to cooperate within the framework of already signed contracts related to the supply of components, according to Reuters. 

Both companies are interested in complying with the terms of contracts and maintaining business relations. For Samsung, abandoning them would mean the loss of one of the main partners in the market (the total cost of contacts with Apple is several orders of magnitude higher than the fine set by the court), and Apple, in turn, refusing to cooperate with Samsung, would lose its only supplier of microprocessors. In addition, it is Samsung that produces most of the displays and memory chips for the Apple company.

So at the moment, the conflict at a price of $ 1 billion, jeopardizing the balance of power in the field of the mobile industry, is being squeezed into the framework of more serious, if you will, figures. And companies cannot aggravate the conflict, because this, first of all, would have a painful impact on themselves. Perhaps if Apple had diversified the production of components for its devices, or Samsung would not have depended so much on the “apple” company, the consequences of the trial would have been much more serious.

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