120 million tablets will be sold in 2012

The analytical company Gartner has published an overview of the tablet operating systems market for 2011-2012.

According to the results of 2011, iOS accounted for exactly two-thirds of the tablet market (40 million iPads were sold just a year ago). This year, analysts predict sales at the level of 73 million “apple” tablets, which in a growing market will amount to 61.4%.

As for Android, 17.3 million (28.8% of the market) tablets with it “on board” were sold in 2011. Analysts believe that in 2012 the share of Android will increase to 31.9%, thanks to sales of 37.9 million devices.

The first Windows 8-based tablets will be released only this fall, but analysts believe that by the end of 2012, this OS will be able to occupy about 4.1% of the market, which is equivalent to 4.9 million devices.

The total sales of tablets by the end of 2012 will amount to about 120 million devices, taking into account the indicators of other operating systems.

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