The popularity of mobile devices among children

An interesting statistic was published by Anketki Research. According to their report called Digital Parenting Russia Study, mobile devices are rapidly gaining popularity among the children’s audience. 

More than half of parents (65%) claim that they use digital devices in order to keep their child busy, whether it is a trip to transport, a queue to the doctor or cleaning the house. And this is done, for the most part, by fathers who believe that “new technologies have a fruitful effect on children’s development.” They distract preschoolers with audio and video, and for older children – with games and educational applications (they probably play with them themselves).

So today the popularity of mobile games among children is quite high. 70% of parents assure that their children regularly play on their gadgets. And about a third of children with access to mobile devices regularly use educational applications. 

The popularity of certain digital devices does not vary much depending on the age category of the child. But if already at the age of 4 to 6 years, a quarter of children actively use gadgets, then, having grown up to 16-18 years, these children will make up a percentage clearly exceeding the current 50%. 

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