HTML5 to the masses

Goko startup has introduced a new platform designed to make life easier for HTML5 game developers. 

The platform is called the same as the startup – Goko. It is positioned as a service aimed at both users and HTML5 developers at once. However, by creating it, the developers, first of all, pursued the goal of helping small teams that are very limited in resources. 

“The idea was to give independent small teams the tools with which they could create projects that are not inferior to the creations of larger studios,” explains Ted Griggs, executive director of the startup, to Gamasutra. “Companies like Zynga and EA have very powerful internal services and technologies, and they use them in their games. But small companies don‘t have that,” which means there are no games of such a high level. 

By providing such tools, Goko is going to help such small developers in the development, launch and monetization of their games, eventually receiving interest from the revenue of their games.   

Another task of the project is to popularize HTML5, which everyone still treats with understandable caution.

“In order for people to start using HTML5, you need a good set of services and large capacities, and you can’t do without a suitable business model. Actually, that’s what we’re trying to do,” Griggs reveals.

However, he also warns that you should not do 3D in HTML5. Neither the language nor the platform is ready for this yet.

That’s why we focused specifically on board and card games – there won’t be any problems with them.” 

Goko has been operating in a closed mode for several months, but since yesterday evening it has been open to everyone. The Goko SDK has also been available to developers since yesterday. The platform includes a leaderboard, achievements, hosting, API and much more.

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