A new shooter from BulkyPix

As part of the Gamescom 2012 press conference, BulkyPix, the company responsible for the release of Autumn Dynasty and Babel Rising, announced the post-apocalyptic rock shooter Holy Shield.

The game takes place in a dark, oppressive world that has survived an unknown cataclysm. The Holy Shield organization (consonant with Holy Shit, yes) fights in it for a bright future with the help of machine guns, machine guns and other equally weighty tools in dealing with demons. 

However, the main feature of the project, which will be released on iOS only this winter, is not the cute graphics and gameplay in the spirit of Painkiller, but the gorgeous soundtrack of The Slaughters. 

The game developers are Dogbox Studios. 

Holy Shield will have 14 levels, 2 game modes and a solid arsenal of weapons, according to the authors of the project. 

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