"live motion wallpaper" - learn!

I accidentally noticed: on the 3rd place in the top of paid applications in Russia there is something called “live motion wallpaper“.

The description is even more intriguing than the name: “If you are jealous of your Android-owning friends, because their lock screens are animated, and yours are not, then look no further: A live Oboy is here.” Key features will also not leave anyone indifferent:

Regardless of which device model you continue to work with, the wallpaper will be self-adapted to show in its finest quality. iPad 2012 and iPhone 4/4S Retina Display is fully supported.

This miracle costs $0.99, and in the comments it is written that all this is “divorce” and “deception”.
I’m just wondering: how many people managed to buy THIS so that IT could rise to 3rd place in the top? Did no one get alarmed by the description? Or maybe it’s time for everyone else to take an example from him?

The author of this miracle is a certain Lanh Nguyen, who has 3 more apps with similar reviews in the App Store. Judging by the icon, the English version of “live motion wallpaper” is called Awesome Art – Greeting Card and Letter Designer (however, this makes my theory about Google transliterate untenable).

One way or another, the developer is clearly bothered to make his “divorce” available to Russian-speaking users. And this, in my opinion, is evidence of a serious attitude to the Russian market. And we let him down!

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