Microsoft Technical Problems: UPDATE

Microsoft has temporarily stopped publishing apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace. 

The reason for the measures taken is an error in digital certificates, which appeared as a result of the publication of Windows Phone Dev Center, an online service for developers to create, publish and manage applications.

For a week now, a failure related to changing the databases of the new service has been interfering with the operation of a number of applications downloaded from the Windows Phone Marketplace.  

Microsoft itself assures that out of more than 100 thousand applications in the Marketplace, an error in operation is observed only in a “small percentage” of programs (and only on devices updated to WP 7.5). However, they include such popular ones as the New York Times, WhatsApp and Bing Translator.

While the company is working on solving the problem, it is not possible to publish new applications in the Marketplace. It is unclear when it will be possible to upload applications to the market again. 

UPDATE: Just an hour ago it became known that Microsoft has solved the problem. Publishing apps on the Windows Phone Marketplace is possible again.

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