Android no longer supports Flash

Adobe Systems has abandoned support for Flash Player in Android-based mobile devices. Now you can’t download and install Flash using the Google Play app store.

Initially, Google positioned Flash support by the Android platform as an advantage over iOS. Recall that Apple has repeatedly been criticized for the lack of access to a huge amount of interactive content that used Flash. Steve Jobs’ firm position against the player had its arguments: “Our specialists have been asking Adobe for several years to show Flash technology working well on any mobile device. However, this never happened.”

Apparently, these arguments were not unfounded: the latest version of Android – 4.1 Jelly Bean initially lacks Flash support. Moreover, Google recommends removing the player after installing the update in order to avoid malfunctions. Now it is not available for download on Google Play and for other Android users.

Taking into account the pace of development of the mobile device market, the current situation actually means an almost unconditional victory for HTML5. The only company not yet ready to part with the player is Microsoft. However, she has already stated that Windows 8-based tablets will have only “limited” Flash support – as part of the Internet Explorer 10 application.

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