An app for $12 million a month

CSR Racing developers from Boss Alien reported that their iOS game brings in more than $12 million a month, being at the top of the American box office top. 

We achieved this figure without buying users, using organic downloads. And we believe that this is very, very important, because the margin from such games is much larger than in games based on user purchases,” says Torsten Reil, executive director of Boss Alien. 

The amount earned by the studio is $7 million more than Infinity Blade II earned in a month in a similar position last December. In other words, in 7 months, a giant leap was made in the revenues of top applications: the highest-grossing month of last year turned out to be much less profitable than the relatively calm summer.

Simultaneously with this announcement, it became known that the publisher of CSR Racing – NaturalMotion – is acquiring a developer studio for an undisclosed amount.  

CSR Racing, dedicated to drag racing, was released at the end of June and was at the top of the American box office top for almost the whole of July. The game is distributed according to the free-to-play model.

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