Samsung will release tablets on Windows 8

With the release of its own Surface tablet on Windows 8, Microsoft may become a direct competitor for a number of partners. Despite this, some vendors have already announced their agreement to release tablets on Windows 8. 

Last week, Acer criticized Microsoft for the decision to release the Surface, which, in their opinion, jeopardizes cooperation between the companies. Nevertheless, this week already 4 companies – Asustek, Dell, Lenovo and Samsung – confirmed their intention to release tablets based on Windows 8.

This became known from the official Microsoft blog, but when exactly to wait for the releases of new devices is still unknown. Windows 8 will be pre-installed on the devices. Microsoft does not intend to sell the system as an independent product.

Given the broad capabilities of the platform and the guarantees of vendors to support Microsoft, the situation on the tablet market may change in the fall. Now Apple is leading the global market. According to IDC estimates, the share of the iPad in the second quarter of this year is 68.2%. The market shares of companies planning to produce tablets based on Windows 8 are as follows: Samsung owns about 10% of the global tablet market (2nd place after Apple), Asustek — 4th (after Amazon with its Kindle Fire, which took 5% of the market); the positions of Lenovo and Dell are still extremely weak.

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