iOS and Android have displaced portable consoles from the gaming market

According to the analytical company Flurry, the revenues of iOS and Android games in the total revenue structure from portable gaming devices in the American market reached 58%. 

This was stated in his report at the GDC Europe 2012 conference in Cologne by ee Regional Director Richard Firmiger.

He noted that mobile games are actively “invading” the territory previously occupied by specialized consoles such as the Nintendo 3DS and Sony PlayStation Vita. In 2009, the share of smartphone and tablet products in the total revenue from portable and mobile games in the US market (2.7 million) was 19%, and in 2011 they accounted for 58% of the $3.3 million earned.     

At the same time, Firminger pointed out that at the moment the level of customer retention is still very low in the mobile market: during the year, many mobile developers may lose up to 96% of their audience. So one of the most important factors to consider when developing games for smartphones and tablets is taking into account the demographics of the target audience. This, in his opinion, will allow you to save the audience more successfully. 

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