Flash port on iOS and Android in an hour

The latest version of the Scaleform program from Autodesk makes it easy to port games written in flash to mobile platforms.

Initially, tulza was intended to create console games. The appearance of a new feature indicates the company’s attention to the mobile application market.

“Scaleform was conceived as a tool to help console game developers create menus and user interfaces. But mobile games are becoming more complex, and the market is growing very fast, so Autodesk has turned its attention to smartphones and tablets,” said Mark Stevens, one of the company’s vice presidents, in an interview with CNet.

A screenshot from the upcoming Starforce Battlement game, which was ported to iOS using Scaleform The latest version of Scaleform allows you to effortlessly port flash games to iOS and Android.

According to Autodesk, the process itself takes about an hour, however, additional time is needed for optimization and testing.

However, this pleasure is not so little – $ 295 for each platform per user.

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