Top-25 words in mobile app names

According to a study by Appsfire, a number of words in the names of applications are used more often than usual. With their help, developers and publishers can get an additional opportunity to attract the attention of users.

At the moment, the App Store alone has about 650 thousand applications. It is quite difficult to fight such fierce competition even for a brilliant product, and the name of a mobile application is one of the important marketing tools, besides it is free.

Appsfire has compiled the top 25 most popular words for iOS and Android apps (an index of the frequency of its use is indicated next to each word).

Thus, it is possible to track several general trends in the wording of the names of mobile applications.

Despite the fact that when looking at the price of the application, it becomes obvious whether it is free or paid, developers “sin” by using the word Free in the names. This double emphasis draws attention to the application. According to the same principle, the words Lite and Pro are often used to distinguish between paid and free versions. However, some authors crave attention too much, and use the cherished Free in the name of paid applications.

Another trend is the use in the name of the application of the name of the device on which it works (iPad, iPhone, Android). This allows you to create a feeling among users that the application was created specifically for their device. By the way, according to Appsfire, only 23% of applications are “universal”.

In any case, the choice of the application name should be approached more than thoroughly. Including how well it will be selected, it will depend on whether the application will be found in the market or not.

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