Microsoft and Electronic Arts Alliance

Electronic Arts Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore said that the company is in talks with Microsoft to release new mobile games for the upcoming Windows Phone 8. 

According to some sources, EA intends to make the next Microsoft mobile OC one of the key elements of its strategy in the field of mobile.

In a telephone interview given to the esteemed Bloomberg resource on the eve of the opening of the largest European gaming exhibition Gamescom in Cologne, Moore noted that EA is working very closely with Microsoft in order to understand the views of the Redmond corporation on the further development of the gaming industry and coordinate future actions. According to him, everything that allows you to quickly master new platforms and adapt games for them will be useful for Electronic Arts. We add that according to some information, EA will make several announcements regarding the direction of mobile games within the framework of the aforementioned Gamescom exhibition. It is quite possible that we will talk about new acquisitions of the company.

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