Rage of Bahamut – 16 weeks at the first place in Top Grossing

The number of downloads of DeNA’s box office hit – the card “butler” Rage of Bahamut – exceeded 3 million only outside the Japanese market, according to the game developers from Cygames. 

According to them, this result was achieved in just 6 months from the release date. This means that the average monthly number of downloads of Rage of Bahamut is about 500 thousand, not counting Japan, where the project is in particular demand.

A decent result, which fully justifies DeNA’s decision to enter the western market with the eastern game. 

As for DeNA’s direct competitor, GREE, it has chosen a slightly different way of conquering the West. As we recently wrote, she prefers to work according to the “model” now actively used by another Japanese gaming giant, Square Enix, which invests and buys up Western potentially strong teams. 

Whose path of expansion will justify itself – time will tell, but for now Cygames reports that Rage of Bahamut has been in first place in the Google Play box office top for 16 weeks. 

Recall that DeNA earned $609 million in the second quarter.

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