Zynga Cloned Bejeweled

The With Friends franchise of Zynga has been replenished today with a new iOS game Gems with Friends, which is another variation of the classic match3 gameplay Bejeweled from PopCap.

The developers themselves, however, insist that they were inspired by a completely different game – the popular fun of grandparents Sudoku. So, Gems With Friends can be called a kind of hybrid of Bejeweled, Matching with Friends and, just mentioned, Sudoku. This can also be judged by the description of the gameplay given by the authors of the project to GamesBeat: “in the battle with time – three rounds of two minutes each, to be precise – the player is in a row of three or more numbered pebbles, earning points on this.” 

The only strange thing is that Zynga is releasing this project to the market with such a delay: the fashion for match3 has long passed.   

Gems with Friends is already the sixth game in the With Friends series, which, recall, includes: Words With Friends, Hanging With Friends, Chess With Friends, Matching With Friends and Scramble With Friends. At the moment, the novelty is available only in the Canadian App Store, when it will appear on other regional markets is unknown.  The developers assure that “soon“.

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