Rovio plush toys to bring in $400 million

Sales of Angry Birds plush toys by the end of 2012 will amount to $ 400 million, – said Rovio partners from Commonwealth Toys & Novelty.

This is twice as much as last year. In this scenario, according to the authors from the ArcticStartUp website, Rovio’s revenues for the year may amount to about € 150 million or $186 million. Recall that last year the company’s earnings amounted to € 75.4 million, 30% of which brought the brand offline.

In other words, if last year the plush toys earned Rovio € 22.6 million, then this year, based on the calculations of Commonwealth, which directly produces them, the figure of the license fees of the Finnish company can grow to a much more impressive €45.5 million. 

The growth of consumer interest in products under the Angry Birds brand has also had a positive impact on the plush industry, which has been in far from the best condition in recent years,” said one of the company’s senior representatives. 

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