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American women like the Kindle Fire more than the iPad, according to comScore analysts, who recently published data on smartphone and tablet users in the United States. 

So, according to these data, among users of all tablet models, the leading position is occupied by the age group of 25-34 years – 24.2% of respondents, followed by users aged 35 to 44 years – this is 20.6% of respondents. If we divide the audience by gender, then men predominate among iPad owners (almost 53%), the figures for Android devices almost do not differ (50.9% of men versus 49.1% of women), but if we talk about Kindle Fire tablets, they are mostly preferred by women – among users of their order 56% .

As for income, a third of tablet owners have an annual family income of more than $ 100 thousand (according to the questionnaire – the maximum possible). Moreover, among users who have an iPad, about 46% have this level of income.

Among the circumstances that caused the choice of a particular tablet, nine options were offered in the survey. iPad owners noted the presence of applications and the brand itself, but users of Kindle Fire and Android-based tablets are guided, first of all, by the price of the device when choosing. Perhaps in the near future this niche will be occupied by a budget iPad Mini.

Interestingly, regardless of the brand of the device, the degree of satisfaction with the work of the devices is almost the same: on a ten-point scale, the iPad scored 8.8 points, and the Kindle Fire tablet scored 8.7 points.

6 thousand US citizens over the age of 13 who have their own tablet took part in the survey. The study was conducted for the second quarter of this year.

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