On vacation – with a tablet

According to a survey by the recruiting portal Superjob, Russians began to use gadgets more often during their holidays. Moreover, the popularity of the tablet as a device that you can take with you to the beach or to the country has more than tripled in a year.

About 21% of Russian residents use a smartphone on vacation (17% in 2011), 13% take a tablet with them on a trip (4% last year). For comparison, 28% of respondents can’t imagine a vacation without a laptop, and 10% – without a netbook.

Moreover, 95% of respondents resort to their help for personal needs and 40% – for work issues. Proportionately to the age of respondents, the percentage of people using gadgets to solve work matters increases: if among young people from 18 to 24 years old, this is about 30% of respondents, then among the population over 45 years old, almost half of them are 49%.

Although such statistics are more likely dictated by the user’s need to always be in touch than by the desire to relax by turning off all means of communication. 

2.5 thousand Russians from 296 localities took part in the study.

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