Amazon creates a game studio

Amazon announced in the official blog about the opening of its own game studio – Amazon Game Studios.

According to the company itself, this decision was made due to the enormous popularity of social games among users. Simultaneously with the announcement, the company also presented its first project for Facebook – the game Living Classics

Some analysts have suggested for some reason that the opening of an internal Amazon studio could hit Zynga’s positions. Although, it seems to us that such an announcement is more indicative of Amazon’s intention to develop exclusive projects for its portable devices in the future. 

Living Classics is something like a pen test on a “neutral” platform or, alternatively, a test for the promotion of titles, which, again, will be available only from the Kindle Fire and from the desktop version of Facebook in the future. 

As for Living Classics, it is a colorful hidden object, stylized as Disney cartoons. The goal of the game is to reunite the fox family by collecting artifacts and helping friends on the social network.  

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