DeNA: cook while it's hot

Looking at the success of Rage of Bahamut, DeNA decided not to reinvent the wheel, but, as they say, “take the bull by the horns” and release two more mobile card projects to the world market: Transformers Battle and Marvel: War of Heroes.

First, last Friday, it became known about DeNA’s plans to publish a Transformers Battle card on the Mobage platform dedicated to the confrontation between Autobots and Decepticons. 

And just last night, the first information appeared about another card project that DeNA will launch – already in collaboration with Disney – also on Mobage. The project is named Marvel: War of Heroes and, as you might guess, is dedicated to the adventures of employees of the secret organization S.H.I.E.L.D (Russian viewers met with its team in May, when The Avengers appeared on cinema screens). 

Both projects are being developed by the DeNA – ngmoco development division. According to the information available at the moment, the mechanics of the games will be very close to Rage of Bahamut: we choose a side in the conflict, complete missions, earn credits that we spend on buying new character cards to strengthen the deck. 

The monetization scheme of the games will also repeat the one used in Rage of Bahamut. Given the box office success of the latter, one can only be happy for DeNA. 

A small remark: analyst Serkan Toto claims that Rage of Bahamut brings in total up to $43 thousand per day. Such fees allow the creation of CyGames to occupy the first position in the box office top of the American Google Play for several months in a row and for more than a month to enter the top five in the similar top of the App Store. 

There is an opinion that with the great popularity of the Transformers and War of Heroes franchises in the United States, new projects that will appear on the windows of iOS and Android this fall can count on even more resounding success than Rage of Bahamut. 

So, while Western players are just going to conquer Asian markets, the east is successfully expanding in the markets of the Old and New World.

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