Over the past year, Ukrainians have spent $2 million on iOS apps

According to the estimated data of PrivatBank, the total amount of payments made by Ukrainian users in the Apple App Store over the past year amounted to $2 million, while the average payment amount is about $ 7.

PrivatBank, which accounts for half of the entire Ukrainian payment card market, said that according to the results of the analysis of the volume of payments in the App Store, applications worth more than $970 thousand were purchased over the past year. It is not difficult to calculate that the total amount of purchases in the App Store in the Ukrainian market can reach $ 2 million. According to the bank, the average payment amount is $7, that is, presumably the total number of purchases in the App Store could exceed 140 thousand.

At the same time, with the launch of the Ukrainian App Store on June 22, 2012, the volume of payments has already increased by 20%, tripling the monthly growth rate of 7%.

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