Flurry: money is now not only in the charts

The distribution of income generated by mobile applications is becoming, as journalists put it on Inside Mobile Apps with reference to Flurry, more democratic. According to the latest report of an American analytical company, if in 2010 applications from the top 25 accounted for 28% of all premium and IAP revenue, then in 2012, according to preliminary data, this figure will be only 15%. 

In the course of the study, Flurry brought together data on the earnings of more than 200 thousand applications (excluding advertising revenue) on iOS and Android, using the data already collected for the first half of 2012 as an estimate for the forecast. 

So, in 2010, most of the revenue generated from mobile paid applications and IAP came from the top hundreds of applications, but times are changing. And Flurry predicts that by the end of 2012, more than two-thirds of the revenue from premium apps and IAP will come from apps that are not in the top 100.

As for the top 100 itself, Flurry found that in the middle of the chart, applications also began to earn more than two years ago. While the developer of a top application earns much more now than he could earn two years ago, the difference in income between applications in the top 10 and those that are not included in it is not so dramatic now. In other words, the revenue from applications is now not so much concentrated in the top, but spread over the entire hundred.

The Flurry report makes us recall Remedy’s scandalous statement in a good way that their Death Rally game earns up to $350,000 a month just by being a resident of the top 200. That is, $1 million a year is far from fantastic in the mobile world. 

Summing up, I need to say the following: Flurry shared really good news for developers, especially for those who work in independent or small studios that do not have huge budgets for advertising promotion. In addition, Flurry’s research demonstrates that applications can now earn steadily even without a high rating.

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