Gameforge is out in mobile

One of the largest German operators has successfully proved itself in the mobile games market: the number of downloads of its first projects in a couple of weeks exceeded 2 million. 

If someone doesn’t know, Gameforge is one of the largest operators of massively multiplayer browser games in Germany. The company has about 20 MMO games and 300 million registered players on the PC market. But the latter seems to have become crowded for the company, so at the moment it is actively shifting its focus to the development of mobile projects.

Gameforge has an original engine for mobile games, on the basis of which, by the way, the company has already created and released three projects: Mafia Game, Vampire Game and War Game. According to representatives of Gameforge, in a few weeks since the launch of games on iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms, the total number of downloads of these titles exceeded 2 million.

So there is nothing surprising in the fact that now the company is preparing for the release of several more mobile games, it is surprising that the company has entered the mobile market only now. Gameforge plans to develop multiplayer mobile projects and transfer its online PC hits to tablets: Ikariam, OGame and Gladiatus.

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