Will Rovio go public in 2013?

Another Finnish news: perhaps in 2013, Rovio will launch an IPO. This was stated by its financial director Mikko Setala in an interview with the Swedish economic magazine Dagens Industrii.

However, it should be said that there is no complete certainty in this matter yet. According to Settal, the company is preparing to go public in 2013, but shareholders have not yet decided when this will happen and whether it will happen at all (besides, it is not yet clear how the stock stories of Facebook and Zynga will end). Anyway, “if we go for an IPO, it will most likely be in the second half of next year,” Settala said.

Rumors and speculations about the company’s entry into the stock market then subside, then arise with renewed vigor. By the way, some experts estimate the cost of capitalization of Rovio at $ 7 billion. However, future investors are also very interested in the question of whether the company will remain a “miracle of one hit” or its IP will be as powerful and durable as Mario or Mickey Mouse.

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