The cost of attracting users is growing

According to Fiksu, the number of downloads of iOS apps has started to increase slightly again, but at the same time, the cost of attracting users is growing more rapidly. 

Over the past June, this indicator increased by 14.3% to $1.44 per loyal user. In Fiksu calculations, users who have opened the application at least three times are considered loyal.

As for iOS app downloads, for example, in June, the American App Store recorded 4.63 million downloads of programs from the Top 200 free, that is, there is a small increase compared to May – 4.54 million. 

Fiksu attributes this to an increase in marketing costs at the end of the quarter and a “cautious” return to tracking UDID (Unique Device Identifier).  However, there is an opinion that the increase in the cost of attracting users is largely due to the fact that some “well-off” market players began to compete in the costs of attracting new users, which, among other things, gave impetus to the emergence and active development of cross-promotion mobile networks as a cheaper alternative in solving the issue of attracting users.

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