Mobile games are played at home

Most often, mobile games are played at home on the couch. This conclusion was reached by the independent research firm Information Solutions Group, commissioned by Pop Cap Games, which analyzed the behavior and habits of mobile players in the United States and Great Britain.

Indeed, 69% of respondents said that they play at home on the couch, 63% – in the car, bus or train. 57% prefer to do this while lying in bed, 55% – while waiting for a meeting or a date, 41% – while watching TV.

One out of ten respondents was late for a date, lessons or flight due to a mobile game. Most of them are men (60%) younger than 35 years. In addition, it is this category of players that spends more money – in 2012, the average cost of mobile games for it was $49.63, while the average amount for the entire audience was $29.04. 

Dennis Ryan, Vice President of PopCap Worldwide Publishing, commenting on the results of the study, noted that today games on mobile devices are played primarily not “on the go”, but prefer to do it at home. Thus, mobile gaming captures the last foothold of gaming consoles and personal computers – the dwelling.

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