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On the 27th we will learn something new about Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition. Today – on the 25th – its developers posted a large counter on the site, counting down how much is left before this, hopefully, high-profile event.

If anyone doesn’t know, Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is a remake of the two original Baldur for iPad, PC and Mac. 

However, what kind of loud information is this. I’m afraid it’s already known (the official forum has everything in detail and even in Russian). 

So, the main news is that there will be no remastering of art in HD, since the original art is lost (that is, they will stupidly set more resolution without redrawing), then I will give a list of features that will be: 

1) Improved user interface. As you know, the original Baldur’s Gate interface was designed to be used in a resolution of about 640×480. We will fix it! And we will rewrite the interface (UI) so that it works at resolutions several times higher than the original, as a guideline we took the resolution of the new iPad 3 (with its resolution equal to 2048×1536).

2) Converting the entire graphics of the game to the OpenGL standard. Using the capabilities of modern devices, we will be able to run the game in very high resolutions, and do it quickly and better.

3) You will have an additional opportunity to approach or move away (zoom, zoom will appear) from what is happening in real time.

4) The game will be available on a variety of platforms. A personal computer is no longer the only platform to launch this masterpiece.

5) The game will be translated into a variety of languages.

And what will not be can be read here.

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