The growth rate of free games

The main novelties of the American chart of free apps on iOS and Android platforms are in detail. This time we will talk about Pyramid Run, Mutant Roadkill, Flick Kick Football, SuperPretzel Factory, Marble Saga and Music Hero.


Pyramid Run

For the second week in a row, despite the negative reviews and low ratings, the American top free games for iPhone is headed by Pyramid Run, which, as it is not difficult to guess from the name, is a clone of the popular creation of Imangi – Temple Run. 

The developers from MagicBone, previously noted for the very ambiguous Pocket Fighter and Piggy Run HD, successfully timed the release. The wave of interest in the Brave version of Temple Run slowly began to subside (which, however, does not prevent it from being in the top ten paid iPhone apps for the sixth week), and users wanted a new setting, which MagicBone immediately offered them. 

Mutant Roadkill

The game, whose name in Russian sounds something like this – “Road killing mutants” – is another occult follower of Temple Run. There is no word Run in the name of the project and, perhaps, this is the only reason why it still does not lead the top, but only sits in seventh place. 

Seriously, this is a completely honest rethinking of the already tired “running” concept. Instead of a man – a machine with a machine gun, instead of three polygons and a budget texture – good graphics, and the role of stars is played by mutants. However, there were also disadvantages: poor code optimization, leading to constant slowdowns, as well as the general slowness of the first stages can bring you back to Brave. 


Flick Kick Football

The football championship has been over for a long time, but judging by the success of Flick Kick Football, many are not happy with its results. However, the real reason for the success of the game was the fact that the game became free last week. This allowed her to jump from the 68th position in the gaming category directly to the top of the chart. Before removing the price tag, the developers asked for almost a dollar for it. 

The game itself is a real anti-Angry Birds with football players, in which you can not hit the ball in any case. And it’s not at all that they can beat up for it. Here these brave guys are not even capable of passing. The main player in the game is you, giving the opposing team one penalty after another. 

The game, by the way, performs well on the iPhone. There she is in second position after Pyramid Run, which occupies the same place of honor in the American top iPad games.

SuperPretzel Factory

A strange pretzel factory simulator in a week in the gaming top jumped from a position outside 1000 applications, first to 46 positions, and then to thirds. How the Sunstorm Interactive company managed to do this, directly churning out culinary-themed games, we can only guess. As for grossing, everything is not so joyful there, but it’s not sad either – 76 position in the US gaming chart. 


Everything is much more boring here. There are few relative novelties in the free apps chart – only two, so you don’t have to choose. All other positions are occupied by masters like Angry Birds, Temple Run or Fruit Ninja. 

Marble Saga

For the second week, the project of the publisher ITREEGAMER, well-established on Google Play by the game Jewels Legend, is in the top ten free Android games in the United States. The reason for this success is a carbon copy of the Zuma gameplay. Now Marble Saga (not to be confused with the wonderful Marble Saga: Kororinpa) has somewhere from 1 to 5 million downloads. 

Music Hero

The game from the publisher Words Mobile also does not shine with originality: Guitar Hero for mobile devices with a short acid graphics. However, a project from a host of similar creations pulls out the opportunity to rattle off the rhythm of any sound track on your smartphone. At the moment, the game closes the top 10.  

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