New tools from PlayPhone

The PlayPhone company, which created the mobile gaming social network of the same name – acting on the same field with the networks of such serious players as Gree, DeNa and Papaya – has announced a new version of its SDK.

One of the main innovations of SDK 2.0 is the so–called POP! (Performance Optimization Platform), which allows you to increase the return on investment (Return on investment) without re-publishing games in other markets. This became possible due to the fact that in the new version of the toolkit, the developer got more opportunities to interact with players and more control over monetization.   

The creators of the platform claim that developers will be able to create things like dialog boxes, virtual sales, etc. with just one line of code. And all this is done by web tools hosted on the PlayPhone Developer Portal.

Recall that the mobile gaming social network PlayPhone CGN, launched in mid-December last year, already has 45 million registered users, and in June its MAU indicator was 4.1 million.  

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