Dead Trigger became Free due to Piracy

The developers of Madfinger Games explained that they made the zombie blockbuster Dead Trigger on the Android platform free because of the incredibly high level of piracy. 

The official explanation appeared on the studio’s Facebook page in response to criticism from disgruntled users who purchased the game at the original price. Some users even gave the project low ratings for this reason. 

The developers themselves told the following story: initially they were not going to make the game free, because, in their own opinion, they did not have sufficient experience in f2p monetization. However, piracy turned out to be at such a high level, even with a price tag of $0.99, that it was decided to make Dead Trigger a free application. By the way, the company’s previous project – Shadowgun – cost $8.00.

The creators of Dead Trigger assure that the project will not become a freemium game: users will be able to safely play it without laying out hard-earned IAP. Yes, the iOS version of the zombie shooter is still distributed at a price of $0.99. Moreover, in it, as in the Android version, there is an IAP. 

In general, the experience of Madfinger Games (as well as the unsuccessful experience of Sports Interactive, which released a mobile version of Football Manager on Android) says that at the moment single projects, like a year ago, are not relevant on Google’s mobile platform.

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