The first Firefox OS-based device will be released next year

Only last week, the first, still working screenshots of Mozilla’s mobile OS appeared, and several vendors have already announced their intention to release smartphones running on it. 

As you know, the authors of the popular browser (Google laurels do not let you sleep, yes) are currently developing a mobile operating system built on the Mozilla Gecko engine, the main feature of which is full compatibility with HTML5 standards. It is assumed that all applications for the OS will be written in HTML5. According to the developers of the system, this will make it as easy as possible not only to create, but also to port projects to Gecko.  

And last week, the British website TechWeekEurope published the first screenshots of Firefox OS, taken either from a prototype smartphone running on this OS, or from a system emulator (or in Photoshop, which is most likely, given that the Angry Birds label on one of the screenshots is called Everynote for some reason). 

Visually, the interface still resembles a wild mix of the latest Symbian, Android and iOS. However, the developers say that, they say, everything has already been redone.  

Anyway, a number of relatively large companies are already acting as partners of the project: among them Telefónica, which has already announced the launch of a Firefox OS-based device in Brazil in 2013, as well as two Chinese manufacturers – TCL and ZTE.

It is likely that with the support of manufacturers of budget devices, the company will quickly gain momentum and will be able to compete with Android in the segment of cheap devices. 

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